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Have a dog licking your screen as screensaver


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Dug is the name of the lovable dog from Disney Pixar's movie UP, and it has been the character chosen by the creators to be set in the official screensaver.

We are used to see scrensavers of movies featuring scenes and photos of the movie, but this time we have been surprised by Pixar again and the screensaver of UP is amazingly surprising. When you don't use your computer for a while, Dug, the dog from the movie, will appear on screen and will lick your monitor, cleaning it and trying to meet you as if it were inside the monitor, suddenly, a whistle sounds and Dug disappears from the screen, but it comes back in a few seconds.

Dug is a lovable golden mutt outfitted with a remarkable high-tech collar that translates its thoughts into speech.

If you like UP, the movie, you want to watch it or you just love dogs, download UP screensaver and enjoy a different animated screensaver.
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